Our Mission
We’re a team of special education professionals, graphic designers and developers who aim to deliver great educational resources to young children through the use of mobile devices.

We believe that the tablet revolution opens a new horizon for young children with special needs and enables them to overcome cognitive and motor skills problems while playing with high quality, entertaining educational apps.

We strive for the best educational value and graphic content for our apps, taking special care with our designs and overall user experience.

“We build apps that help all children reach their highest potential”

A creative team of professionals
with one purpose
Jorge Arroyo
The Founder
Magdalena Guijarro
The Special Ed Teacher
Eduardo de la Torre
The Product Designer
Zuzzette Foglio
The Creative Director
Viridiana López
The Artist
Dalia Redes
The Dreamer
Eric Velázquez
The Gamer
Celia Martínez
The Emotional
Alexis Ortega
The Perfectionist
Orlando Leyva
The Marketing Guru
Lizbeth Escobedo
The Scientist Teacher


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