Challenge your memory with a fun audio-memory game


SoundMatch by EdNinja helps children learn and distinguish new sounds through memory exercises that will challenge his concentration and attention skills. With three levels of difficulty, the user will have to match an image with its correspondent sound and vice versa.

  • Auditory discrimination and perception.
  • Overall improvement on concentration and attention skills.
  • Improve your child’s memory skills.

The theory behind the game

The main purpose of Soundmatch is to help children improve their perception and auditory discrimination process that ultimately have a direct impact on speech, language and writing skills.

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Sounds for the mind

Practice the memory skills using a simple & fun memory game

Train your memory

Want to hone your skills? Try the training session to master all the sounds.

A world of sounds

Five different themes. Wild animals, nature, home, instruments & vehicles

Personalized players

Create personalized players for every kid.

Keep track of progress

In–game reports that show the number of attempts, difficulty & total time of each session.

Multi-language support

English and Spanish supported. Toggle languages at any time during the game.