Digital tools for Special Ed

EdNinja provides special ed teachers, schools
& parents with beautiful and simple tools to help
children reach their highest potential.

Apps for school & home

The EdNinja platform provides several apps for children with special needs, from autism to dyslexia every app is crafted by special education specialists.

Sequences for Autism

Teach everyday activities & skills by ordering sequences of pictures.
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Improve math skills by identifying shapes, forms and colors.
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Find the Letters

Improve reading skills by identifying & coloring letters.
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Sequences for kids

Improve communication skills by practicing sequences to complete the stories.
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Sorthings for Autism

Learn to identify and sort real-life objects in their correct places or semantic fields.
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Distinguish sounds through a fun matching game of sounds.

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Expressions for Autism

Train and improve human emotion recognition by recreating facial expressions.
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EdNinja Sensei

Designed to help special education teachers & parents to keep track of their students’ progress through Apps. Sensei is a free service that enables special ed apps to track player’s actions to create a proactive feedback for teachers.


*Works only with EdNinja Apps


Activities in real time
Sensei allows you to see in real-time what your students are playing, even from another device.


Find your students’ challenges
Identify what causes trouble for your students and their general progress


Receive tips from specialists
Sensei sends you tips to apply in the classroom based on the performance of your students.

It’s all about simple achievements

We’re a team of special education professionals, graphic designers and developers who aim to deliver the best special education platform through the use of mobile technology.

We believe mobile devices open new horizons for young children with special needs and enables them to overcome cognitive and motor skill problems while playing with fun high quality educational apps.


Founded in 2010 in Tijuana, México at MIND Hub


More than 100k downloads worldwide


Made with love by a team of developers, designers, special ed teachers and marketers.

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